The Canetoad Orchestra

A musical collaboration!

MakeArt 2008 Line-up
it starts with a droned note.
jag plays a musical mode with the droned note as the tonic.
rob_a's variseq takes the audio output of din, the droned note and
geri's violin playing and turns them into rhythms.
geri adds her own melodic line on the violin by responding both to jag
and rob_a's sounds.
and we all listen and respond to each other.
din is a free software musical instrument for performing Indian classical music (but not just) live. It is inspired by the sound of the Sarangi. Variseq is an audio sample step sequencer with variable pitch shifting and beat stretching. It inputs sound created by the other performers. The violin is a bowed string instrument dating from the 16th century. It consists of a shaped sounding box of spruce and maple, with four strings stretced over a bridge.
Sound track for the play ON STANDBY

Some sample files

files and sizes
file sizedescription
bufo_marinus.ogg 6271008A performance that suggested the name
jag_geri_rob_080324_21m.ogg 3443206The early years
Nov13_0_15.ogg 3443206Two out of Three
warm_milk.ogg 4039265Jamming with a theater group
canetoad1.png 874912A publicity still!
canetoad2.png 724640Another one!